Makiko Nakamura: Love Songs

13 September - 5 October 2019

Writing about the work, Nakamura says: "I have been listening to love songs, but their beginnings and endings will never happen. In the tunes there are no promises of a realistic future, but nevertheless the beautiful sounds, fantasy voices and sweet winds are waiting for me."

Makiko Nakamura makes abstract mixed media works on paper and canvas using oil paint, Japanese pigments and metal leaf. The work in the exhibition, Love Songs, continues to move away from the rigid grid forms that underpinned her earlier paintings, embracing a looser geometry. Shimmering metal leaf and pearlescent pastels dominate, with echoes of intense colour glimpsed through the paintings' surface.

Her work evolves through an organic, abstract process of applying and removing paint that results in complex stratified pictures: each layer embodying the memory of a particular phase of her life; people she has known and places she has travelled to. The paintings are not love songs about a particular person, but about life, longing and loss: the human condition.